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Proofreading & Revision

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Proofreading, Revision & Editing

Do you have an important document that needs more than just a basic translation? In that case, our professional proofreading, revision and editing services are the perfect add-on for you. These optional services give your texts the finishing touch and ensure that the end result is 100% correct. We highly recommend that you take advantage of one of these services if your text will be published or distributed to clients, partners or other vital stakeholders. Leave no room for error with our expert proofreading, revision and editing services.

Proofreading, revision or editing? What’s the difference?

Proofreading, revision and editing—they sound like the same thing, so what exactly is the difference, and how do you choose the right service for your project? With our checklist and definitions below, you can easily identify which of our services is the right one for your intended purposes.


Any kind of document in any language can be proofread, whether or not the text is a translation. As opposed to revision, where two texts in two different languages are compared, proofreading is a monolingual check of a text, concentrating on correct spelling and grammar. Experienced proofreaders working in their mother tongue will review your text and correct it as necessary. Proofreading is an effective way to remedy simple errors.

When should I choose proofreading?

Do you need certainty that your text is 100% free of grammar and spelling errors? → Choose proofreading
Are you having brochures printed for a local event, and you need to avoid having to reprint them because of a simple spelling error? → Choose proofreading
If you’re not a native speaker, it’s a good idea to have a second pair of trained eyes proofread your presentation or CV → Choose proofreading

What is checked during proofreading?

Correct use of tenses
Word division


Revision is an effective way to get the best out of your translations and texts. An experienced professional translator will correct spelling and grammar errors and make stylistic improvements to your text. For example, once your initial translation has been prepared, an expert linguist specializing in your particular industry will compare your source text with the target text (the finished translation) and improve the translation output. This process is therefore also referred to as a bilingual review. In addition to all the aspects involved in proofreading, such as checking punctuation and grammar, revision improves style and consistency.

When should I choose revision?

Is your document extremely important and intended to be read by a major client or your future employer? → Choose revision
Do you have a patient’s medical file that needs to be translated with absolute accuracy to ensure the correct treatment is given? → Choose revision
Could translation errors in your technical manuals or typos in your presentation lead to the collapse of partnerships or canceled contracts? → Choose revision

What is checked during revision?

Consistency & terminology
Completeness of the translation
100% accuracy
Layout (word division)


The editing services provided by panalingua take business communications to the next level. Not only do we correct errors, but we also rework texts so that they have the desired style and tone. Your existing copy will be edited in terms of style, structure and tone by our expert copy editors and linguistic professionals in order to enhance your profile in all your markets.

When should I choose editing?

Does your advertisement or customer magazine lack elegance or that special something? → Choose editing
Should your text flow nicely when read, and do you need the spelling and grammar to be checked? → Choose editing
Do your marketing materials need a fresh pair of eyes and a sprinkle of creativity? → Choose editing

What does editing involve?

Readability check
Stylistic improvements
Spelling corrections
Grammar corrections
Punctuation check
Syntax check
Ensuring consistency & correct terminology
Overall layout check (e.g., word division)
Implementation of client’s brief, glossary and style guide
Accurate rendering of the intended “message”
Appropriate language, tone and style for the target audience