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professional translations

What we offer

Expert language services delivered by professionals. Panalingua offers clients a variety of translation-related services, including:

Specialised Translation

Do you need to have a document translated from a specific field? Or one that demands a high level of linguistic expertise? From financial reports through technical manuals or websites, we can help with all your requirements. Specialised translations written by experts.


Proofreading, Revision & Editing

Do your documents leave no margin for error? Make sure that your texts are 100% accurate with the help of a professional proofreading, revision or editing service performed by one of our skilled linguists. Improve readability and make a lasting impression for all the right reasons. Proofreading, revision and editing by experts.



Do you have a video file or a recorded audio interview that needs to be converted to a written transcript? Our expert transcriptionists work with meticulous attention to detail to produce a flawless piece of writing from any type of audio file. Transcriptions prepared by experts.


Machine Translation

Do you have a lot of text but not a lot of time? Then automated machine translation services may be the right solution for you. Neural machine translation is a cost-effective alternative to traditional translation and can be followed by linguistic postediting. Machine translations enhanced by experts.


Certified Translation

Certain documents, such as expert reports, certificates, passports, licenses or contracts, need to be certified to be accepted by the authorities. We can help with all aspects of the certified translation service. Certified translations produced by experts.


Express Translation

Need your documents translated in a hurry? Is time not on your side? We will accommodate even the most urgent of orders in the shortest possible time frames. Express translations prepared by experts.