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General Terms and Conditions

1. Pricing basis

Prices depend on the volume of text, delivery deadline, file format and the target language or language combination of the text to be translated. Orders are charged by standard line. A standard line is made up of 55 characters (including spaces)in the source text (see also Section 2). Figures and texts in tables are calculated as standard lines. Minimum processing fees are applied to small orders. Complex orders are subject to additional costs. Normal supplementary costs, such as postage, packing, attestations by a public notary, certification,etc.are not included in the basic list price. For short-term orders, an additional charge may be incurred according to the complexity and the delivery deadline. Our prices do not include VAT.

2. Placing of ordersand data protection

Quoted prices are binding for a period of 30 days, provided nothing has changed in relation to the factors affecting price calculations. The price is calculated according to the computed number of standard lines of the source text(for source texts not written in Latin characters, the number of standard lines in the target text will be used). The terms and conditions of business are considered as accepted when the order is confirmed. All documents and information will be treated as being confidential. If desired, a confidentiality declaration will be signed.All data is stored in accordance with statutory provisions. Panalingua shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of data theft, nor for any damage caused by a third party.

3. Delivery

As continuous text in a text file, unless otherwise requested. Additional services (making fair copies, data conversion, desktop publishing, etc.) must be agreed separately. The delivery will be made by electronic means. Any deliveries in non-electronic formats incur additional costs. Agreed delivery deadlines will be observed wherever possible. No liability will be accepted for delays due to technical issues, postal delivery, translator illness/indisposition, and force majeure.

4. Complaints

Any complaints must be sent to panalingua GmbH as soon as possible and prior to any processing of the text by the client, in writing and within a maximum of 14 days from the delivery date of the completed work. In justified cases, compensation in the form of similar services will be given. Further claims –also in the case of late delivery –are excluded.For objectively unjustified complaints (translations with mostly correct content, grammar and spelling) that result in additional costs (e.g. the translation being checked by a second specialised translator), these costs shall be borne by the client. Any comments with regard to writing style may be forwarded from the client to panalingua, but are not grounds for a complaint.Parts missed out or partial deliveries of translations are not an entitlement to object to everything that has been supplied.

5. Terms of payment

Payment deadlines are provided on the invoice, payable net. Any delay in payment will incur a penalty of CHF 50.00 per reminder, in addition to late payment interest of 10% p.a. Any debtors legally compelled to pay will also be charged CHF 100.00 in administrative fees.

6. Place of jurisdiction, written form

The place of fulfillment and of jurisdiction is the registered office of panalingua GmbH. Statements relating to legal issues must be made in writing to be valid. The respective currently valid pricing documentation is an integral component of these general terms and conditions of business.

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