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Machine Translation

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Machine Translation

As the demand for low-priced, high-volume translation continues to rise, more and more people are using machine translation as a convenient and cost-effective solution. Panalingua’s machine translation service takes an innovative approach to translation, using leading software to translate content efficiently from one language to another. The advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology mean that this type of translation is becoming increasingly accurate. Many companies use free-to-use machine translation engines—with all their pros and cons—as an easy way to translate content.

Machine Translation Made Easy

Machine translation can help you and your business in a multitude of ways. Depending on the intended purpose of your particular text, however, a raw machine translation might not be adequate. We therefore offer a professional postediting service in order to polish the output of raw machine translation.

E-commerce Platforms

Translate basic product information catalogs or price lists into several languages in order to localize your product description efficiently within a PIM system.


Improve internal communication by translating documents such as memos, user guides and support documentation into multiple languages.

Customer Service

Enhance customer service by answering customers’ queries quickly in their native language in forums or live chat applications, for example.

New Audiences

Localize your website to reach new audiences while cutting costs and turnaround times.

Neural machine translation

We offer a fast and cost-effective way to translate any type of document into your desired language. Machine translation is a relatively new addition to the world of professional translation. Although it helps to cut costs and turnaround times, the final output often needs to be thoroughly proofread (postedited) by a human translator to achieve the quality and accuracy that are so important in a business setting.

Professional Postediting

You can choose to have your machine translation postedited by a human translator, ensuring that the document is properly targeted at the intended reader, the content and context of the translation are correct and terminology and consistency requirements are met. This solution is recommended for any important external or public communication. In other words: When 70% accuracy is simply not enough and you need to get more out of your texts.

Security & Confidentiality

Our translators are committed to maintaining confidentiality. On request, we will gladly provide this assurance in writing and sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). We guarantee our customers the highest standards of confidentiality in the way their files are handled—you can rely on our discretion. To ensure that your documents do not fall into the wrong hands, our data transmission system uses 256-bit SSL encryption.


When you need to translate a large volume of information, such as user reviews, basic product descriptions or documentation, machine translation is a cost-effective option that also responds to the need for a quick turnaround time.