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Certified Translation

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Certified Translation

Certified translations are needed when the translation of a document has to be officially recognized and legally valid. We can certify all translations and texts produced by panalingua. Any type of official document will be handled with absolute confidentiality and translated to the highest degree of accuracy. A certified translation is usually a document that is required for a legal or official purpose. Such documents may include legal contracts, birth and marriage certificates, or school and qualification certificates. These certified translated documents can then be used by an official or legal body within Switzerland. If you need to present the translation to an official body abroad, we can provide you with an additional apostille. Apostilles, as defined by the Hague Convention, facilitate legal communication between member states and pave the way for quick, unbureaucratic solutions in the context of international relations.

Certified Translations by panalingua

Many factors speak in favor of trusting panalingua with your certified translation. In addition to respecting confidentiality, our easy-to-understand, fully transparent process for producing certified translations is fast and reliable. Because we never compromise on quality, we always deliver accurate and professional certified translations in over 45 different language combinations.

Highest degree of confidentiality and security
Sworn and certified translation professionals
Accurate, high-quality translations with a fast turnaround

Certificates of Conformity

All of our certified translations are supplied with a certificate of conformity. With this document, we confirm that we have translated your documents conscientiously and impartially in accordance with the originals. We confirm that the documents delivered are a true and honest translation by verifying the accuracy of the translated document.

Notarized Translations

Certain types of document are required for presentation in court or are used for other official purposes. These documents need to be accompanied by a notarized certification. The translation has to be a true representation of the original and comes with an official certification. When an important document is translated into another language and subsequently needs to be recognized by a legal body, it is essential that you ask whether or not a notarized certification is required.

Do I need an apostille?

If you have to submit a document, such as a marriage or birth certificate, to the office of a foreign public authority, it’s possible that, in addition to a certified translation, the public authority will want confirmation of the document’s authenticity. This notarization, or apostille, confirms not only the authenticity of the notary public’s signature but also the stamp or seal with which the certificate was legitimized.