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About us

panalingua is keen to show you the benefits of having a reliable and highly-competent partner to handle your translation requirements. A primary aim in developing a successful partnership is the recognition of customer needs and working together to find the best possible solutions.

We have a large and constantly expanding pool of approved translators. In this respect, we mean specialized translators, who translate complex texts within their specialized area into their mother tongue. An essential pre-requisite for a translator to work with panalingua is that he/she should have professional experience in their particular field (e.g. as engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc.) as well just having linguistic competence.

Many of our translators are resident in their mother-tongue country. In this way, they are always up-to-date with ongoing changes in their language in relation to terminology, grammar, vocabulary and formulation. This is particularly important for texts that are of a promotional nature. We also have a number of qualified translators in Switzerland, who can undertake on-site interpreting and translation tasks.

The long-term relationship with the customer that we are seeking provides significant advantages both in terms of quality and effectiveness, as when there is an ongoing cooperation then the use of REGULAR TRANSLATORS can be built-up. These individuals possess the best knowledge of the company’s special terminology, of the linguistic nuances that the company prefers to use and of its philosophy.

Every translation is proof-read by the translator him/herself. We can also have proof-reading or the making of corrections carried out by a second specialized translator upon request ("Two sets of eyes principle").